Homemade Tools

  • JSon Explorer is a visual summary for your large json files
  • More to come soon


  • CartoDB is an online geovisualization service to tell your stories with maps and ease
  • Gephi is a complex network visual exploration software
  • Processing is a java-friendly fast-prototyping interactive visualisation designer
  • Raw create your visualization from spreadsheet in minutes
  • we also use tools from Digital Methods, médialab (Sciences-Po), bestario or Open Xerox


  • Requests is a python library to query API and download HTML pages
  • lxml is a python library to mount and query HTML and XMl pages
  • d3.js is a reference library to create online interactive visualization
  • Mapbox & Leaflet to create interactive beautiful online maps
  • we also use libraries like sigma.js, unfolding, polymaps or stamen