Internet of Vehicules Traffic Flow Models For Road Network Optimization


Modern cities often suffer from traffic congestion. The purpose of our research is to find out the rea- sons of traffic jams and to propose effective solutions through modeling and simulation of the urban traffic flow.

In recent years, our team from Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics have conducted in-depth theoretical study in the macroscopic and microscopic traffic flow models, road network models and dynamic traffic assignment problem of intersections. Abbas-Turki’s team from UTBM University in French have a foundation in intelligent technology of “The Internet of Vehicle”, e.g. car-car and car-road communication mechanisms and traffic control strategies in the intersection. We would apply the car-car and car-road communication mechanisms to our self-organization models which is important in the simulation of traffic flow and establish macroscopic and microscopic models based on “The Internet of Vehicle”; apply the safe cooperative intersection management strategy to the road network models and judge the influence of intellligant technology to our models; numerically solve the above models and provide the virtual simulation results.

By the research of suitable vehicle networking network model, we can find a more efficient solutions to traffic distribution of urban road intersections, which can reduce urban traffic congestion and pro- vide a theoretical basis for the intelligent transportation construction