Building Life Management In China, Coping With A Complex Problem Using Serious Gaming To Extract Good Data


Waste in material is a big problem for building industry and for public management of urban issues Industrial maintenance. Keeping buildings in shape is one of the highest priority in sustainable urbanism. Maintenance is a key issue in upgrading industrial production. Bad quality and fast obsolescence turned to be a priority in improvement of urbanism involving both public and private sector.

According to ordinary standards for building industry, there is an increasing gap to be filled in China. General obstacles are numerous but BLM approach addresses this kind of problem.Still, several factors are stressing theses obstacles: The legal status of land and legal property ; Speculation in real estate and the pending bubble ; A certain contempt or casualness towards maintenance ; Tradition of the Chinese Mind and attitudes towards the past ; Religious: Bouddhism stresses the fleeting character of life, the transiency of the world.

This is a perfect example of complex problem urban problem: we face too few data, and a huge number of variables. It is difficult to gather data, to pay for it, to extract meaning from it.

The core of the project will be to conceive and develop in a free software platform for serious gaming able to deal with urban scenarios. This open game will provide metadata from which pertinent variables for maintenance and sustainable use of buildings and urban equipment will be extracted. In the last staple of the research the project will return to industrial maintenance and Building Life Management issues.