Smart City Logistics


Urban logistics in ensuring the proper functioning and promote urban sustainable urban development has pivotal importance and significance. In recent years, the city has been booming logistics industry, on the other hand, its negative effects and problems have become increasingly prominent , such as: increasing urban traffic congestion, resulting in inefficient urban transport system of urban ecological environment and sustainable economic development bring threats. Therefore, the urgent need for scientific and effective urban logistics planning, organization and management. City logistics research has become a modern urban development and management is an important issue and has important practical significance and application value.

Smart City logistics research will mainly focus on urban public distribution network design and plan- ning, urban wisdom logistics public information platform , and city logistics resources intelligent scheduling and distribution of goods in such areas . First Case of Shanghai , demand for urban freight distribution , urban transport networks, logistics facilities and other basic urban infrastructure data for research and analysis. On this basis , the use of modern information technology and related scienti- fic and technological achievements of the urban public logistics network design, and build intelligent logistics public information platform for urban logistics resources, intelligent scheduling and goods quick and efficient distribution, logistics public information through wisdom platform for urban public distribution network , networking , RFID technology and other effective integration , to achieve full traceability , visualization, real-time query the wisdom of city logistics network.