Dynamicité, Digital Footprint of a City


This project aims at studying the city through its numeric footprint (spontaneous talk on the web, Open Data, Sensor data). The study will be focus on two cities, Shanghai (chosen for its dynamism emblematic of the chinese cities) and Paris (emblematic of an european capital). The final objective is to compare the two cities and learn from the numeric footprint they provide.

Technical aspects are important. The variety of collected data and adaptation to China data speci- ficity are definitely technical to be addressed. However the stakes go well beyond that for we want to be able to extract a representation to compare the two spaces (Shanghai & Paris) from this huge mass of complex data by exploiting knowledge and skills of every partner: Social web analysis for Linkfluence, Natural Language Processing and analysis of geolocalized data for ACS/Xerox, information visualization for Costech laboratory.

This collaboration provides each partner of this project a strong economic interest: economic growth for Linkfluence, innovation for ACS/Xerox and new research fields for Costech.