Continuous call for project


Call for proposal is always open and we welcome new collaborations and topics. The axis of the lab (Culture, Mobility, Energy, Urbanism, Health) reflects the current projects and can be updated if new projects are accepted.

You are free to submit a project anytime.

How to Submit a Project

  1. Write a short proposal according to the following template:
    • Title
    • Team Leader
    • Team
    • Universities (at least one in UT group and or SHU)
    • Abstract (#300 words)
    • bibiography (if applicable)
  2. Send it to your coordinator French Coordinator. You should receive an acknowledgment in 48h. The project proposal will then be submitted to the French and/or Chinese board for review and comments.

  3. You will present your project in France or China during a ComplexCity session (held at least twice a year). This session’s goal is to get to know your project better and help you refine the subject before the final review . It will also help the team to find you good partners in France, China, International. If eligible, we can invite you to come to France (UT group) or China (SHU) to look for possible partners.

  4. The scientific committee will review the project and officially accept it as part of the complexCity program

Criteria for project evaluation