Photo: The Hypercity of Shanghai by Trey Ratcliff , licensed under CC BY NC SA 2.0


Understand the City

ComplexCity Lab is an interdisciplinary sino-french joint research laboratory. It aims to study the city, and to a greater extent, urban systems. We are taking an innovative approach which combines the analytical and computational capabilities of engineering sciences with the openness and creativeness of humanities and social sciences.


Complex Urban System

We consider the city as a complex system composed of a very large number of heterogeneous, dynamic, constantly mutative entities in non-linear interaction with each other at various scales. Exploring and analyzing this system leads us to technological, organizational and social innovations to enhance today's cities and help design the cities of tomorrow.

Lab News

  • March 2015 — New live data capture campaign on weibo with raspberry farm
  • June 2015 — ComplexCity next Big Data WorkShop in Paris (Stay Tune)
  • July 27-28 - Conference on Smart Sustainable City and Big Data (with SHU)
  • January 2016 — Complexcity in Rochebrune Conference - Qu'est ce que les données ? (Stay Tune)

Our Brilliant partners

Complex City Science

ComplexCity hosts 14 interdisciplinary and international research projects on cities. In addition to these projects we are developing a conceptual framework based on data science aimed at creating a science of cities.

1Data — Sense, Store, Compute

2Science(s) — Modelization, Simulation, Visualization

3Studies — Culture, Mobility, Energy, Urbanism, Health